Experimenting with wind energy: environmental education at the Alen primary school

On January 17, 2024, in Fier. Our journey into environmental education at the “Alen” primary school, commenced with theoretical discussions on primary environmental pollutants and effective methods to mitigate human-induced pollution. Students actively engaged by sharing their knowledge as we collaboratively constructed a model of a windmill.

Our exploration extended to incorporating simple, daily practices, emphasizing the crucial shift from plastic to reusable materials, energy conservation in daily routines, and responsible waste management. Through these actions, our goal was to instill and motivate positive environmental habits.

To conclude the theoretical lesson, we crafted a paper model of a windmill. This hands-on activity aimed to deepen the students’ comprehension of how windmills operate in nature and contribute to renewable energy solutions.

We extend our gratitude to the “Alen” school for their collaboration and dedication to fostering environmental awareness among their students.