The High State Control finds problems in the protected areas in Albania

Valbona River National Park. (c) O. Nika/ EcoAlbania

The High State Control has reported that protected areas and National Parks in Albania have been exploited and negatively affected by mining activity and the construction of hydropower plants in violation of the law. These are the findings of KLSH from the inspections carried out on the efficiency of protected areas.

According to KLSH, there are no standards and criteria to determine the areas of natural parks and how many hectares each employee of the administration of protected areas will cover. In addition, managerial staff lacks qualifications and their duties are not well defined.

The report also highlights the lack of brochures, tourist guides, albums and publications on National Parks, Protected Landscapes, endemic plants and Natural Monuments.

The Administration of Protected Areas cannot determine the number of visitors and set fees in order to benefit from income for specific areas.

“Construction of hydropower plants contrary to the Convention for the Conservation of European Flora and Fauna and the Natural Environment” (Bern Convention) and the Albanian laws for the protection of endangered species on the Red List”, it is emphasized in the final report of KLSH.

Meanwhile, it is said that the private entities that have exercised their activity in the Natural Parks do not pay the obligations to the local or central administration, even though they are the biggest users and beneficiaries of the natural heritage.

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