Conflicts between residents and HPP builders: refers to the study

In the last decade, plans to build hundreds of small hydropower plants across Albania have led to growing conflicts between residents in the affected areas and the hydroelectric power plant construction companies – over water, property and environmental rights.

The investigative journalism network BIRN has carried out an investigative article about the conflicts between the residents and the builders of HPPs, also referring to the evaluation study on water conflicts related to HPPs in Albania, “Cases of water conflicts related to the development of hydropower in Albania”(in Albanian) published by EcoAlbania, Milieukontakt Albania and LexFerenda where it highlighted 18 cases of conflicts related to hydropower plants that have been reported in Albania during the period 2012-2016, where there were 34 people arrested or escorted by the police as well as a victim of the conflict arising from the construction of a HPP and an attempted murder.

Read the full BIRN article here (in Albanian)