JavaNews: Exclusive. Without Justice Reform, EU membership is put at risk

Ulrike Lunacek, the vice-president of the European Parliament, member of the Green Group in the Parliament, talks about the Reform in Justice, Brexit, the expansion of the Western Balkans, Kosovo, but also the resistance to the construction of dams in the country’s rivers, etc.

Deputy The President of the European Parliament Mrs. Ulrike Lunacek

Interviewed by Ben Andoni

The energetic woman who reports on Kosovo and Albania, but also on the environment and the LGBT community in the EP, tells JAVAnews that disapproval of the Justice Reform will have consequences. Mostly in the delay in the EU membership process, added to many internal problems. In this long interview, due to her functions, she was asked not only about the Justice Reform but also about EU foreign policy problems, definitely Brexit, but also Kosovo and Turkey, as well as the construction of dams in the South of the country. For everything, she had her answer, without hesitation. “I firmly believe that the progress in the Justice Reform will also support the expansion of the fight against corruption and organized crime, as well as help Albania’s path towards joining the European Union. If there is no progress here, the EU accession process will also be at risk,” she says.

Meanwhile, one topic we have been focusing on has been Brexit, wanting to know the course of consequences on the continent. And, Mrs. Lunacek has not hidden. “The Brexit decision, however, marks the beginning of a period of doubt within the EU itself. The UK has been one of the biggest supporters of enlargement, so the uncertainty of whether or when it will leave the EU will unfortunately also weaken support for enlargement within the EU.”

And although she is a member of an EP parliamentary group that supports the liberalization of visas with Turkey, she is critical of President Erdogan’s state policy and the pressure he is applying for benefits without meeting the criteria.

Mrs. Ulrike Lunaçek ends the interview with a critical view of the Rama government, regarding the construction of dams in the South of the country, an action in which she was directly involved. “I urge Prime Minister Rama and the Albanian government to review their position regarding hydropower dams: Albania is a candidate country for EU membership and therefore must apply EU environmental standards.

It would be a disaster if the greatest natural value in Europe were to be lost forever, and Albania has a special responsibility and importance in this regard”, she says.

To follow the full interview, click on the link: Javanews (only in Albanian)

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