Environment towards destruction: 3-year moratorium for HPPs

3-year moratorium on the development and implementation of HPP projects throughout the territory of Albania. This is the request that was made public by the group “To protect the rivers” on World Water Day.

According to the group “To protect the rivers”, the main reason is related to the fact that no protected area, park or river has been left untouched by this explosion of concessions. This has caused great damage to the environment but also conflict between the population and construction companies. In a study of this grouping, it is known that there have been dozens of conflicts, but there have also been serious consequences in human life. According to the data, 6 victims and injured are reported related to hydropower projects.

Victims of conflicts:

  • 3 victims from accidents at work
  • 1 victim from the conflict arising from the construction of the HPP
  • 1 injured
  • 1 attempted murder

On the other hand, hydropower plants damage the environment irreversibly, causing the destruction of the landscape, habitats and biodiversity, changing the water flow regime and flooding. The 3-year moratorium will make it possible to curb this situation and improve the current environmental situation in our country.

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