Vjosa campaign story, meeting with environmental organizations in Greece

On June 15, 2022, the “Vjosa Campaign” – inspiration for activism” forum was held with environmental organizations in Greece.

The meeting was held virtually due to the different locations of the environmental organizations. After the presentation of the “Europe’s Last Wild River” campaign, a question and answer session was held where the campaign was discussed in more detail. The participants also presented their organization and the campaigns or projects in which they are engaged thus encouraging a fruitful discussion among each other.

Participating NGOs also showed interest in cooperation with Albanian organizations on issues that affect both countries, such as the Prespa lake, the Vjosa/Aoos river, etc. During the meeting, other environmental topics were also discussed, such as: sensitizing communities to understand and share which action protects the environment and which destroys it without bringing long-term benefits to the residents of the area. Tactics were also discussed, how to approach lawyers to get involved in environmental issues, and being guided more by desire and will.

At the end of the forum, the materials produced by EcoAlbania, the 2 manuals about environmental law, and the relationship with the media were shared in electronic form, as well as the videos produced.

This forum is the last of the tour of forums organized within the project “Campaign for Vjosa – inspiration for activism” This project aims to share the experience of EcoAlbania during these last 8 years in the campaign of “Saving the blue heart of Europe”, with national and regional NGOs as one of the main actors in undertaking and leading campaigns for the protection of nature.