Kalivaçi HPP – EcoAlbania conducts an informative meeting with the local community on the environmental impact and socio-economic consequences

Press release from EcoAlbania

EcoAlbania is following informative and awareness meetings with local communities in the Vjosa valley who are affected by the next danger for the Vjosa river, the construction of the Kalivaç HPP. From the official data so far, through bulletin no. 43 dt. 30.10.2017, announced by the Public Procurement Agency, information is given on the winner for the contract with the object “Concession award of the Kalivaç hydropower plant”.

  1. The current situation of HPP projects in the Vjosa Valley
  2. The environmental and socio-economic impact of the Kalivaç HPP project
  3. The right of local communities to be continuously informed and to participate in public consultations that must be conducted by the concessionaire company or the responsible institutions, so that the residents become part of the decision-making process
  4. The vision for the protection and sustainable development of the Vjosa Valley.
During the meeting in the village of Qesarat. (c) V.Kabili

Eco Albania’s vision for the protection and sustainable development of the Vjosa Valley is the same as that of the residents of the areas affected by the construction of the Kalivaç HPP: the Vjosa Valley has a high potential for the development of tourism and research scientific. Moreover, the river is closely connected with the daily life of the inhabitants of the area, offering opportunities for the development of agriculture, fishing and tourism as the main source of economic development.

EcoAlbania will continue the informative and awareness-raising meetings with the local community affected by the Kalivaç HPP, in defense of the Vjosa, the only largest river in Europe that still flows freely and unharmed by the construction of hydropower plants.

This meeting was organized within the international campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” undertaken by Riverwatch and Euronatur in cooperation with local partner NGOs such as EcoAlbania in Albania.