Exploring Flora and Fauna at “Sali N. Ballkoçi” School in Labinot

On March 6th, 2024, a special environmental education adventure was organized for the 7th-grade students at “Sali N. Ballkoçi” school in Labinot Fushë. The main theme was the exploration of biodiversity and the use of morphological indicators for the classification of living organisms. In this context, the importance of life diversity on our planet was emphasized.

Following enriching classroom discussions, a field trip was organized to conduct surveys and collect plant and animal materials in the field. Equipped with an ecologist’s square and entomological nets, students applied these tools during their outdoor exploration. This instructive and exhilarating experience facilitated the application of classroom-acquired knowledge within a practical context, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

Exploring nature presented a unique opportunity for students to appreciate the splendor of the biodiversity surrounding them. Through this experience, they were inspired to continue respecting and protecting their environment, becoming part of an important path towards environmental awareness.