Environmental Initiative in Korçë: Students from Mborje and Progeri Schools Leading the Way to a Cleaner Environment

At a time when environmental challenges are becoming increasingly apparent, commitment to protecting our environment is crucial. At “Haki Mborja” School in Mborje and “Abdullah Progeri” School in Progër, an inspired initiative to address these challenges was successfully organized. By harnessing the power of students, school staff, and specialists from ADZM Korçë, two significant activities were carried out to promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

On March 12th at “Haki Mborja” School in Mborje, Korçë, a cleanup action was conducted within the school premises, emphasizing the importance of waste management. Another step was taken towards improving the visual aesthetics of the school environment by planting flower seeds and strawberry seeds. This is not just a cleaning action; it is an initiative to cultivate and preserve our environment with the care we give today.

Meanwhile, as part of the “Action Day for Rivers,” students from “Abdullah Progeri” School demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship by participating in a cleanup operation along the Devoll River. Armed with gloves and bags, they meticulously cleared litter from the river’s fragile banks and took further strides towards environmental conservation by planting seedlings along its shores. This activity reflected their dedication to nature but also served as an inspiring example for their peers, encouraging them to engage in similar actions to preserve and protect the environment.

To emphasize the importance of keeping rivers clean, students of “Abdullah Progeri” School demonstrated a high level of creativity by creating awareness-raising posters. These posters conveyed important messages about environmental and river conservation and were used as a tool to sensitize peers and the community about the need for concrete actions to protect nature.

These school activities serve as a collective response to the call to protect natural resources. Rivers are the treasure of life on our planet, providing clean water and habitats for a variety of species. While their protection is crucial for our future, this initiative highlights the commitment of all stakeholders to contribute to the preservation and maintenance of the environment for future generations.