Environmental Awareness Boost: Educating and Learning from Students of the 9-Year School “Conference of Peza” in Tirana

Tirana, December 13th, 2023. In the spirit of the holidays, we had the pleasure of organizing an environmental education session with the students of the 9-Year School “Conference of Peza” in Tirana. This activity aimed to promote environmental awareness among the students of the capital city through theory, experiments, and educational games.

During the educational session, there were discussions about environmental pollution and how most of us contribute to it in our daily lives, facilitating an open conversation with the students. We were impressed by the enthusiasm and passion shown by these young minds, who displayed their works with recyclable materials in the school premises.

The filtration experiment drew their attention to water and soil pollution, while educational games such as “The Journey of the Fox” “The Fisherman’s Net,” and “Imitations” and provided new perspectives on the characteristics of animal life.

As we reflect on the success of this activity, we are reminded of the importance of involving young people in promoting environmental conservation. We eagerly look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with schools and institutions dedicated to creating a greener future.

Teachers or school leaders who wish to develop environmental education classes in their school can become part of the education project by contacting the project coordinator Marina Xhaho at the e-mail address: [email protected].

The project ” Watershed Environmental Education in Albania” aims to enhance environmental awareness through education of youngsters through activities in at least 35 schools in the country.