Explore the Wonders of Pishë Poro-Nartë: An Internationally Recognized Treasure


Nestled within its borders lies an area of unparalleled significance – the Pishë Poro-Nartë Protected Landscape. This remarkable region is renowned worldwide for its ecological, historical, and archaeological treasures, boasting a stunning mosaic of landscapes and an array of diverse habitats.

🏞️ Protected Landscape Status 🏞️

Officially declared a “Protected Landscape” with VKM no. 694 on October 26, 2022, under Category V (IUCN), the natural ecosystem of Pishë Poro-Nartë now enjoys the highest level of protection.

🌱 Biodiversity Beyond Imagination 🌱

As part of both the EMERALD and IBA networks, this region is teeming with life. Here, you’ll find an astounding 800 plants, 114 medicinal aromatic plants, 25 endangered plant species, 67 plant species of economic and scientific interest, 90 invertebrate species, 102 fish species, 26 reptile species, 192 bird species, and 32 species of mammals.

🏞️ Diverse Habitats and Conservation Priorities 🏞️

In this landscape, you can explore 18 different types of habitats, with six of them being recognized as top priorities for conservation efforts. These unique habitats demand specific measures to ensure their preservation.

🌟 A Crucial Resource for Our Country 🌟

The Protected Areas within Pishë Poro-Nartë, especially the wetlands, are of exceptional natural value. They represent a vital opportunity for our country’s development while preserving our natural heritage.

👀 We Invite You to Explore 👀

We extend a warm invitation to you to visit Pishë Poro-Nartë and immerse yourself in its breathtaking vistas and rich biodiversity. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of this internationally important landscape.

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Plan your visit today and witness the magic of Pishë Poro-Nartë!

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