Environmental education with the youngsters in Lëpushë

Lëpushë, Shkodra, August 2017. For the third year, EcoAlbania was part of the summer school held in the Albanian Alps organized by Balkans Peace Park Project. During the five days of summer school from August 14th to the 18th, EcoAlbania was in Lëpushë carrying out lesson sessions with focus on environmental education with the youngsters of the area.

During these days were discussed actual and concrete environmental topics related to the their area. The youngsters were from different age groups, making the lessons and the programme in general more interactive and interesting. Their concern for the area’s environmental health and desire to develop was evident. When the desire and willpower comes from the youngsters is a sign of hope for the future.

Since the very first day was established a cheerful atmosphere of communication between EcoAlbania’s volunteers and the students. The conversation and exchange of experiences in the field of coexistence with nature and its conservation brought at the end of each day a step forward to understanding the sustainable development of the area.

Ecosystem in miniature, made by students in environmental education classes. (c) I. Angoni/EcoAlbania

The students of the age group 16-20 years old, came up with some interesting ideas during class. The topics discussed with them were actual and their knowledge was wide. The volunteers of EcoAlbania explained the best practices for a sustainable use of natural resources and preservation of water, land, forest, biodiversity, etc. While one specific lesson was dedicated to the strategies of nature conservation. Here student’s attention was huge.

They had the possibility to exchange their experiences and tell what they would do in the future for the protection of environment in the area they live in. EcoAlbania’s biologists explained them the practices that have brought the best results in nature conservation, emphasizing the sustainable use of natural resources.

Another topic brought into attention which raised a lot of interest was the creation of new job opportunities in the area always remaining friendly toward the environment. With the help of EcoAlbania, were clarified some ideas on the sustainable use of natural resources, the vision for a future with eyes on protection of the environment and the sustainable development of ecotourism as a job opportunity for the youngsters.

While with the teenage group were held theoretical lessons, shared practical methods and the topics were organized as an exchange of experiences, with the age group 7-13 years old, the environmental education was held with creative games. The creation of an ecosystem in miniature was really exciting for them. They learned about the interaction of different actors of the ecosystem and the importance of each one of them. Their creativity and team work was amazing. Making a fan with Earth layers, getting to know the area where they live while hiking  were some of the activities they got involved in. Also, another funny and educative day for them was the creation of a bird-feeder with recyclable materials. They learned about the 3R strategy and how we can give a second life to the materials we use at home.

Also, another very fun and educational day for them was creating a bird feeder using recyclable materials. There they learned the 3R strategy and how to give a second life to the materials they have already used in their homes.

At the end of these five days, we all left with good memories and new skills. Us, from EcoAlbania, with the smile and satisfaction that only the educational work with the youngsters can give, and the students with important practical lessons that will be useful in their everyday life.

Article by Ita Angoni/EcoAlbania


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