Eda Zari: Save Valbona! Save Vjosa! No dam!

By Eda Zari

Artists Eda Zari and Elina Duni together with other well-known colleagues such as Alban Nimani, Marsela Çibukaj, Genc Salihu etc. have become part of the campaign for the protection of Valbona National Park from the construction of hydropower plants. On Saturday, October 29, together with other artists, they organized a concert-protest in Valbona with the slogan “#MosmaprekValbona”.

Many citizens and activists from Tirana, Shkodra, Peja, Prishtina and Gjakova joined the protest. This different protest has given even more echo to the critical issue of the construction of hydropower plants in Valbona. Jazz artists invite the public to join the protest concert in Valbona tomorrow, 29.10.2016.

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