EcoAlbania shares the experience of Vjosa Campaign with environmental CSOs in North Macedonia and Kosovo

On May 18 and 19, 2022, the next 2 forums with the theme “Vjosa Campaign – an inspiration for activism”were held in North Macedonia and Kosovo.

In cooperation with the organization EkoSvest, EcoAlbania shared its experience of the Vjosa campaign with the colleagues in Skopje. Our team focused on the work done with the media and the legal strategy followed in the case of Vjosa as a case of success and motivation for activists and organizations in the region.

Special importance was given to the tactics and continuous efforts to stop the 2 hydropower plants, of Pocem and Kalivaç, the protection of the Vjosa River and its tributaries, as well as the awareness activities or the way of transmitting messages. During the meeting, was raised also the issue of lack of cooperation between the NGO-s.

While in Kosovo, a meeting was organized with the GAIA organization to share with them the experience of the Vjosa Campaign, which appears to be involved in the campaign against the HPP in the Lepenicë River located in the Sharri National Park. During the meeting, the actions taken by Gaia and the community from the beginning of their commitment until now were discussed. Environmental law and media awareness manuals were distributed to help them further with the campaign.

This forum is part of the tour of forums organized within the project “Campaign for Vjosa – inspiration for activism” This project aims to share the experience of EcoAlbania during the last 8 years in the campaign “To save the blue heart of Europe”, with national and regional NGOs as one of the main actors in undertaking and leading campaigns for the protection of nature.

The next meeting will take place in Greece on June 15, 2022.