Two new species in Vjosa – the media reports

The findings from the research work of scientists in the Vjosa river were made public in a press conference held by 3 representatives of the team of researchers on September 19, 2017 in Tirana. Two species new to science have been discovered in the area of the Pocem hydropower plant in Vjosa. A new type of fish, which will be named after Počem, as well as a new type of insect, which has been baptized by the discoverer with the name Isoperla vjosae.


The national and international media have reported on this interesting news as well as on the importance of carrying out further measurements of sediment transport, as one of the scientists’ recommendations. According to them, the Pocem hydroelectric dam will be filled with gravel and sand within the first 25-30 years after the construction of the dam, causing the hydroelectric plant to stop production, bringing about a situation where everyone is lost.


Previously Prof. Aleko Miho and Prof. Fritz Schiemer presented the findings to the viewers of the Albanian public television (TVSH), on the morning show “Mirmëngjes Albania” and called on the Albanian government to take these findings into consideration and work towards the declaration of the Vjosa National Park, as the last wild river. in Europe.

Find below the news in several national meda:

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