Botapress: The voice of Tropoja, NO hydropower plants in the course of Valbona

By Adem Lushaj

“No Hydropower plants in Valbona”, was the motto of today’s reaction against the Decision of the Government of Albania for the construction of hydropower plants in the Valbona river. The protesting ecologists from several European countries, but also from the USA, after a tour through several countries of the Balkans, had also come to Albania, to raise their voices and show solidarity with the locals, to prevent the decision of the Albanian Government, to the construction of hydropower plants in the Gryka e Valbona, namely in the course of the Valbona river.

Those (protesters) with placards, “STO HEC-it”, “Let the river be free”, “Voice of Tropoja-Stop HEC-it”,…but also navigating the river, since it is considered the most preferred river for navigation all over the world, have shown their reaction to the threats coming from the Government of the country, for the damage to the bed of this river and the destruction of the beautiful nature that is in the Valbona Gorge, reports

During the protest “NO hydropower plants in the course of Valbona”. (c) Botapress

Catherine Bohne, who came from New York (New York), and one of the organizers of this activity, has expressed her determination to prevent any construction along the Valbona River, as, as she says, it is a rare beauty of nature. all over the globe. However, Mrs. Bohne has shown that the natural beauties of the Valbona gorge have made it the bride of Albania, namely of Valbona.

“I am vitally connected to the Valbona Gorge, because my fate in life is connected to these natural beauties, since my husband is Albanian and from this country”, said Catherine Bohne, who together with other colleagues came also from Great Britain, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, and other European countries, is determined to prevent any decision of the Government of Albania, which damages the natural beauties of Valbona. Like her colleague, Tereza Schiller (Theresa Schiller) came from Germany to express her reaction to the decision to build a hydroelectric plant in the course of the river, as she says, the most beautiful in the world, that of Valbona.

“We are here to protect the natural beauties, without exception where they are found, whether in Albania or other countries of the world”, stated Mrs. Schiller, who highly appreciates the water that passes through the riverbed, as well as the beauty offered by the Valbona Gorge, which is the most characteristic of all the places she had visited. Meanwhile, Rok Rozman, another nature lover from Slovenia, claims that he has visited many places enjoying nature, but what he has seen and tasted in Albania, namely in the beautiful Valbona, is special and unrepeatable. reports

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