BalkanWeb: HPPs in Valbona, the group “to protect the rivers”, letter to Rama: There is no government decision on the contract.

Tirana – The “protect the rivers” group yesterday sent a letter to Prime Minister Edi Rama and the ministers requesting information on the concession contracts for the construction of HPPs on the Valbona River. In the letter, the group says there is no government action on the contracts and raises several questions for which it seeks answers.

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The Letter

Directed by:

Sh. T. Edi Rama, prime minister of Albania

Ms. Milva Ikonomi, Minister, Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Damian Gjiknuri, Minister, Ministry of Energy and Industry
For knowledge:

Mr. Lefter Koka, Minister, Ministry of Environment

Mr. Eduart Shalsi, Chairman of the Committee for Production Activities, Trade and the Environment

Mr. Julian Beqiri, Director, National Environment Agency

Mr. Ergys Agasi, Chief Inspector, State Inspectorate of Environment and Forests

Mr. Zamir Dedaj, Director, Regional Agency of Protected Areas

Ms. Rovena Beqiraj, Director of the Concession Management Agency

Ms. Romana Vlahutin, Ambassador, Delegation of the European Union to Albania

Mr. Robert Willton, Acting Head, OSCE Presence in Tirana

Mr. Brian J. William, Permanent Coordinator of the UN in Albania and Permanent Representative of UNDP

Subject: Information Request

Dragobia Energy Sh.p.k., after seven years from the moment of signing the contract, has just started the works. What is the decision of the “Elevated Working Group for the Assessment of Environmental Standards in all contracts awarded for the construction of HPPs in Valbona” for this contract?

You can find the full article published by BalkanWeb here (in Albanian).

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