Outdoor activity: Environmental Education day in Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park

Librazhd Katund, November 23, 2023. 15 children from the “Librazhd Katund” elementary school experienced a thrilling day immersed in nature. They actively participated in cleaning their school environment, planting new seedlings in their area, and engaging in both entertaining and education around the theme of ecological corridors.

During the clean-up action, the students collected waste from around the school premises, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. This hands-on activity not only instilled in them the importance of maintaining a clean environment but also emphasized the significance to not pollute the environment where they study. Afterwards, they planted seeds and seedlings of local plants, receiving guidance from experts at ADZM ELBASAN on the distinctions between seed and seedling planting. They made a commitment to tend to these plants throughout their growth stages.

To enhance the learning experience, the day incorporated outdoor games. In the “Ecological Corridors” game, students represented animal species mostly endangered, using photos such as the The Balkan Lynx, Brown Bear, Fox, Deer, Wild rabbit, Wild boar etc. The goal was to cross a road with cars through an imaginary ecological corridor played by two other children. Through this simulated corridor, the animals safely migrated, imparting the crucial lesson of why protecting these pathways is essential for their survival, discouraging deforestation, and advocating for the creation of new ones in the case of roadways. Another engaging activity was “The Fisherman’s Net,” where some children assumed the roles of fish, while others acted as the fisherman’s net. This activity aimed to deepen their understanding of how human actions can impact the lives of various species.

The primary objective of these activities extends beyond imparting environmental awareness; it seeks to actively involve students in the protection of their surroundings. The aspiration is for these impactful experiences to leave a lasting impression on the children, inspiring them to grow into responsible stewards of the environment. The influence of these initiatives transcends a single day, contributing to the formation of a community that not only values but also actively cares for its natural habitat.