Vjosa in danger: the Turkish company Ayen Alb opens court proceedings against the government for the Kalivac hydropower plant project

Tirana, February 16, 2021. The Turkish company Ayen Alb has filed a lawsuit in the Administrative Court in Tirana to challenge the government’s decision not to give the green light for the Kalivac hydropower plant project. This action comes after the issuance of the Negative Environmental Statement by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the National Environment Agency in September 2020. The first preparatory session was scheduled to be held today at 2:00 p.m., but it was not held due to the health of the judge in the case .

As an interested party, EcoAlbania has submitted today to the Administrative Court the official request to become part of this process. “Ever since we became aware of the Negative Statement issued by MTM and KTA regarding the Kalivaç HPP, we have expressed our concerns about the arguments made by MTM. A weak argument leaves a path for the Turkish company to challenge this decision in the Court. However, EcoAlbania wants to make it known that it is an interested party in the process and for this reason it would also ask MTM and KTA to include it as secondary interveners in the process” said Olsi Nika, Executive Director of EcoAlbania.

EcoAlbania’s involvement in this process would serve to defend the cause by bringing other scientific facts and arguments that can help the process and contribute to the banning of the Kalivaçi hydropower plant.

The Vjosa river. (c) G. Subic