Networking: Techniques and benefits

The working group of the ENGONA project (Environmental NGO Network in Albania) designed some infographics summarizing detailed information about the way of cooperation between environmental organizations of the civil society, the division into four specific networks and the possible benefits from the platform.

The network is created by dividing the organizations into 4 main networks such as: the network for environmental governance, the network of organizations for the protection against environmental pollution, the network for the protection of biodiversity and fauna and the network for environmental advocacy and research in this way each organization have a clearer idea to which organization to direct inside or outside the network to which it belongs in order to find solutions or cooperation for certain problems in the field of the environment.

The first infographic, beyond the aforementioned information, also gives data about the current situation of civil society environmental organizations, the reasons why is needed an immediate collaboration between them and the benefits of networking.

Additionally this infographic can be accessed by clicking on the link here(only in Albanian). Also available in video version by clicking here.