Scan TV: The coalition of organizations prepares a lawsuit for protected areas

A group of civil society organizations are cooperating in the filing of a lawsuit for opposing the process undertaken by the National Agency of Protected Areas for the review of the network of protected areas. According to Besjana Guri, from EcoAlbania the process was carried out in a record time, while it was finalized with the removal of many areas, which paves the way for investments that contradict the protection of the environment.

Guri says that the lawsuit will be filed in court very soon. Meanwhile, considering that this cause is being pursued by civil society organizations, Guri emphasizes the importance of their networking, helping to achieve the most concrete results.

The comprehensive review of the network of protected areas has been opposed by organizations before. “The decisions aim to legislate the destruction of the protected coastal and wetland areas of Albania, affecting Lake Shkodra, the Bune-Velipoja ecosystem, the Kune-Vain, Tale and Patok wetlands, the Divjakë-Karavasta and Butrint National Parks, as well as the Vjosë areas -Narte e Pishë-Poro”, it was said in a statement distributed to the media some time ago.

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