Attitude of some environmental organizations on the developments of the project in the Great Park of Tirana

A group of 11 environmental organizations in Tirana have made public today their position on the latest developments regarding the playground project in the Great Park of Tirana. The Municipality of Tirana has started the works for the implementation of a project for the construction of a children’s playground within the large Park of Tirana or as it is otherwise known the Lake Park of Tirana. The group of environmental organizations have assessed the decision-making implementation process as non-transparent and criticize the violence against environmental activists. By means of an argumentative letter which was rejected by the Municipality, environmental organizations take the courage and civic courage to tell their concerns to the mayor through the media and present their demands as follows:

  1. Make public the development plan for the “Great Park of Tirana” area, which the Municipality of Tirana has referred to in several public appearances, describing it as a project for revitalizing the Park! We inform you that this plan is subject to the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedures. In this way, citizens will not fight with “gogol” (as you say).
  2. From this plan, develop the playground project in detail and make it public as an official document! Again, the citizens will not fight with “gogol” (as you say).
  3. As a result, to suspend the works for the implementation of the playground project until the proper information and involvement of the public following the legal procedures of a democratic state.
  4. To improve the channels, infrastructure and the spirit of communication with citizens, including them in environmental decision-making!

The letter was signed by: Albanian Ornithologists Association (AOS); Albanian Society for the Protection of Birds and Mammals (ASPBM), Biologist of Albania; EcoAlbania; EcoPartners for Sustainable Development; Illyria; GO2; Institute for Environmental Policy (IEP); Milieukontakt Albania; Environmental Center for Development, Education and Networking (EDEN) and Organic Agriculture Association (SHBO).

To read the full letter you can click here (in Albanian)


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