Report presented: Media and Environmental Cases in Albania

Tirana, 27 September 2019. EcoAlbania organized the conference “Media and Environmental Cases in Albania” where the report with the same title was presented for the participants. Environmental CSOs, journalists, media and activists were introduced to the analysis of 5 important environmental issues, focusing on the media’s contribution to their reporting and resolution. The cases analyzed in the report are:

  1. Construction of hydropower plants within Valbona National Park;
  2. Conflict between residents and concessionaire on the forest use in the White Mountain, Fushe-Bulqiza;
  3. Concessions for construction of incinerators in Tirana, Elbasan and Fier;
  4. Construction of a major tourist resort in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park by Mabetex Group, an international construction corporation;
  5. Joint national and international scientific and other stakeholders’ efforts to halt the establishment of hydropower plants on the Vjosa River as the only free flowing river in Europe.
During the presentation of the report in Tirana (c) V. Kabili/EcoAlbania

The need for conducting such an analysis came after repeated observations by environmental organizations that have concluded on the necessity for improvement of media reporting on environmental issues in Albania. EcoAlbania finalized the report after a series of workshops and consultations with journalists and local environmental CSOs in 5 regions of Albania.

Environmental and energy law experts and investigative journalists engaged in the study presented the findings of the report at the conference, sharing with participants some of its most important recommendations. In addition, a panel of journalists with expertise in environmental reporting and environmental organization representatives shared the experience of their day-to-day efforts to increase the presence of environmental news in local and national media.

Given the premise that the media is the key instrument for shaping a public awareness of the sustainable use of natural resources, the report addresses some recommendations to the media and journalists in order to increase the information, deepen reporting, for a full, clear and comprehensive and balanced overview of environmental issues:

  1. Conduct training to increase the capacity of journalists with scientific expertise in environmental matters;
  2. The reposition of “environmental news” by taking precedence over other news;
  3. Raise awareness on natural beauties and potential of the Albanian natural resources, through the production of reports, documentaries or promotional clips;
  4. Encourage articles with authors and the reporting ethics.

The short video below gives an overview of the situation and the main findings of the report: 

In addition to its work on the protection of the environment, EcoAlbania will continue its efforts to build bridges between organizations and the media to achieve sustainable and serious reporting of environmental issues in Albania.

With the financial support of Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy, Tirana. The opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations expressed are those of the author (s) and do not necessarily represent those of the State Department.