EcoAlbania’s letter addressed to Prime Minister Edi Rama in the media

EcoAlbania’s open letter (click here to review the letter) addressed on April 5, 2021 to Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the issue of Vjosa, which status is more valuable to be given as protection “Natural Park/Nature Reserve”
Managed (Category IV)” or “National Park (Category II)”, received significant media coverage.

The Prime Minister stated in the “Open” program of the journalist Eni Vasili that “Vjosa cannot be declared as a National Park valley because this would hinder the development of agrotourism”. In EcoAlbania’s letter, a meeting was requested to discuss more about this issue, as concrete examples of how in other areas of the region the National Park had brought more income as “an additional attraction” or “tourism brand” for the visitors.

EcoAlbania’s reaction was reported by national media with names such as Top-Channel,, Fax-News,,, or