Not HPPs, but solar energy – Vjosa Friends gather at the meeting

Diversification of energy production sources, as a form of avoiding the construction of hydropower plants on the Vjosa River was the topic that Vjosa’s friends brought together in the next meeting.

The meeting took place on January 29, 2020 in Tirana, while it was triggered by a new project that the organization EcoAlbania intends to implement in the Kutë village in Mallakastra. Specifically, the “Solar in Kutë” project, aims at installing photovoltaic panels in this village, initially in 5 public buildings and then in a second phase the extension of these plants in all village homes. Meanwhile, the purpose of this project is to give the message that energy can be produced from other sources than hydropower.

The meeting was attended by journalists, economic operators working in the field of solar panels and nature lovers, who discussed alternatives on how solar energy can be used to avoid the construction of dams on the Vjosa River.

During the meeting with the Friends of Vjosa. (c) EcoAlbania

“There is no doubt that the message that has been chosen is right, so the implementation of the ‘Solar in Kutë’ project will help the cause of the Vjosa without dams,” said Elton Sota from the Vega Solar company, who expressed ready to provide technical and professional assistance in this regard. “The sun is one of the sources of energy production, so it must be used,” he added.

Meanwhile, the journalists present at the meeting asked for more information about the project, emphasizing the importance of diversifying energy production sources, especially at a critical time in Albania. “Dependence on water resources has been caused loss of millions of euros to import energy, while photovoltaic plants will soften this bill,” said one of the journalists present. “Meanwhile, from Vjosa’s point of view, the benefit is double, as we also gain the tourism development,” he added.

Efforts of the Friends of Vjosa in the campaign to protect Europe’s last wild river will continue, supporting the vision of declaring the Vjosa Valley a National Park. The closest initiatives are related to the opening of a court case for the Kalivaç hydropower plant.