Interview @ Radio Tirana: Air pollution

Air pollution in Tirana. (c) Mjedisi Sot

In the next interview for the microphone of Radio Tirana, Olsi Nika talks about the problem of air pollution.

Air pollution – one of the most important elements of life, today in Albania is a very worrying problem for human health. Urban pollution is one of the forms of air pollution which has increased significantly as a result of the increase in vehicles that circulate in big cities today.

One of the cities with high urban pollution is the capital – Tirana, where according to the monitoring reports of the Institute of Public Health, the pollution keeps increasing.

The various initiatives that have been undertaken so far, such as: Day without cars, encouraging the use of bicycles, should be congratulated, but there is still a lot to be done by the relevant institutions in order to reduce the level of air pollution.

For more, listen to the interview of biologist Olsi Nika below.

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