The Grouping “Protect the rivers” is formalized

The “Protect the Rivers” group, although informally, has started to operate as such since 2015, coordinating joint actions: lobbying, advocacy, citizen response, etc. against the huge construction boom of Hece. In the last decade, starting more from political directives than from genuine scientific studies, the planning of more than 500 HPPs spread throughout the territory of Albania turns out to be an extraordinary pressure on our rivers.

The organizations, finding the support of international organizations, have reacted to the situation by undertaking actions, campaigns and joint projects which consist of demanding accountability from decision-makers and increasing pressure to reconsider the construction plans of HPPs. .

(c) A. Sauku/Milieukontakt Albania

Environmental organizations part of the grouping met on September 9, 2016 to formalize the grouping and discuss next steps and joint initiatives. The next meeting was aimed at signing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the initiator organizations of this grouping and the new organizations that have expressed their willingness to join the grouping.

The purpose of the memorandum is to create a cooperation framework between member organizations and to facilitate their interactions, on a non-exclusive basis, in areas of common interest, especially in monitoring and promoting the implementation of horizontal environmental legislation in order to ensure and conservation of water resources. The NGOs, through this Agreement, agree to combine human, financial and logistical resources, as well as their efforts in order to maximize the achievement of common objectives.

The meeting took place within the framework of the project Strengthening European Legislation and Promotion of CSOs (Help_Cso) which is implemented by Milieukontakt Shqiperi, EcoAlbania and LexFerenda and is financially supported by the European Union through the ACHIEVE program implemented by the Regional Environment Center – REC Albania.

By Besjana Guri/ EcoAlbania & Rrezearta Ago/ Milieukontakt Albania

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