Alternative Nobel Prize Winners Support Vjosa National Park

Most recently, ten Alternative Nobel Prize winners – including the renowned Prof. em. Dr. Michael Succow – addressed and signed an open letter to the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi, the Albanian President Ilir Meta  and several EU representatives, urging these leading politicians to protect the Vjosa River and begin preparations to establish it as Europe’s first Wild River National Park. More specifically, they call upon the politicians to safeguard the entire river valley, including its tributaries and that the national park protections adhere to IUCN standards.

Signees of the letter include:

  • Prof. em. Dr. Michael Succow, Germany, Right Livelihood Award 1997
  • Angie Zelter for Trident Ploughshares, UK, Right Livelihood Award 2001
  • András Biró, Hungary, Right Livelihood Award 1995
  • Raúl Montenegro, Argentina, Right Livelihood Award 2004
  • Bianca Jagger, Nicaragua, Right Livelihood Award 2004
  • Anwar Fazal, Malaysia, Right Livelihood Award  1982
  • Maude Barlow, Canada, Right Livelihood Award 2005
  • Tony Rinaudo, Australia, Right Livelihood Award  2018
  • Martin von Hildebrand for Consolidation of the Amazon Region (COAMA), Colombia, Right Livelihood Award 1999
  • Jean Bellini for Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT), Brazil, Right Livelihood Award 1991

This letter is a part of the outpour of international support demanding a Vjosa National Park Now. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellie Goulding have used their platforms to raise awareness and take action on this issue and so have hundreds of others. Thank you to each of the Alternative Nobel Prize winners for their support in this cause of for the continued support of many others