Deviation of Vjosa, civil society against: It should become a National Park!

Chronicle from A1 Report

National and international environmental organizations that lobby for the protection of rivers and nature have held a meeting, the conclusions of which can be summarized in two points.

  1. Stopping the Greek project for the diversion of the Vjosa river as well as stopping the construction of hydropower plants without a master plan for all the rivers of Albania, especially the Vjosa.
  2. As well as the protection of this natural asset and the revitalization of the Vjosa river in the framework of a national park, this also with the support of foreign organizations.

“Albania has an extraordinary treasure of natural wealth, and among them are its rivers. We from the organization “Euronatur” believe that at least the main rivers in Albania deserve protection. And hydropower plants are clearly a contradiction in the protection of these rivers. Because hydropower plants destroy nature. We think that the Vjosa river, which is one of the jewels of Europe, deserves to be a national park and be recognized as such. We are organizing an international campaign to highlight the importance of rivers of the Balkans, including the Vjosa river. And when we talk about Vjosa, this river has an incredible potential to attract visitors, tourists to come and see, one of the few natural rivers in all of Europe,” said Gabriel Schwaderer Executive Director of Euronatur.

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