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Vjosa’s friends

In the framework of the Balkan-wide campaign “Saving the blue heart of Europe”, EcoAlbania has undertaken the next initiative, the “Friends of Vjosa” initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to bring together specialists in the environmental field, various political personalities, representatives of environmental organizations, students, journalists, representatives of civil society and nature lovers, to […]

CategoriesActivities Initiatives

Fishing for science

Next week, the CTCF delegation, in cooperation with EcoAlbania, will visit the Valbona river valley in Albania. Initially, the purpose of this trip was to get a general impression of the situation in this watershed, and to assess its potential for the implementation of a project that combines the conservation of trout and its natural […]


Environmental Education through Eco-trainers

Environmental education is a field that includes many learning disciplines, which develops knowledge, awareness, critical attitude, values and skills, which will enable individuals and society to preserve and improve the quality of the environment where they live. This is one of the main definitions of environmental education and emphasizes some key words, very important in […]


First step: Get to know the news

Albania… is probably the only country in Europe where no brown trout from Atlantic waters has been introduced by human hands. The genetic recombination of the trout population is large and includes species such as: S. marmoratus, S. ohridanus, S. Letnica – three to four subspecies or forms, S. Trutta which live in streams and […]


Continental trout

Albania, impressive and promising! On the last day of the activity organized in the Soča-Tolmin river valley, Slovenia, on August 24-30, 2014, we tried to present the situation of the rivers in our country as well as the opportunities that may be of interest to work in regarding the conservation of natural values. Almost unfamiliar […]