Residents of the Valbona valley, concerned by the construction of hydropower plants

The “Valbona Valley” National Park is considered the miracle of the Albanian Alps. The Valbona Valley stretches between high and craggy peaks creating a colorful and impressive landscape. Every year over 28,000 tourists visit this valley, providing its inhabitants with a normal life based on family tourism. But recently residents, tourist and environmental organizations are concerned about the future of the Valbona valley due to the government’s plans for the construction of 3 hydropower plants.

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Considered as the miracle of the Albanian Alps, the Valbona National Park, in the district of Tropoja, stretches along the Valbona Valley, with an area of 8,000 hectares. The mountainous landscape, the waters of the Valbona river and the ecosystem of the park, in recent years are attracting more and more local and foreign tourists, thanks to the improvement of the road, energy supply, and the investments of the residents themselves for the reception of vacationers.

The head of the Tourism Association in Valbona, Alfred Selimaj, says that the concessions granted for the construction of three hydropower plants, that of Valbona, Drogobi and Çeremi, will damage tourism and the ecosystem of the National Park itself.

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