BalkanWeb: The Patagonia Group, part of the photo set by Roland Tasho

Tirana- A rare set of photographs was recently taken by the well-known photographer Roland Tasho. Tasho has photographed many foreign characters, well-known personalities in the fields of politics, art and sports in traditional Albanian costumes. The photographer tells “BalkanWeb” that he has made part of his album well-known names, who have accepted the idea of photographing in Albanian national costumes. This project, which was born as an idea 16 years ago, is expected to be enriched with other characters who want to be photographed in popular clothing.

Rare photographs were taken by the master of photography, Roland Tasho, who through his work has always aimed to promote Albanian values and tradition. This time the target of Roland Tasho’s camera is also the American company “Patagonia” of clothing production and design, which wears the traditional Albanian costumes of all the tribes. The group has chosen to protect and promote the Albanian environment, namely the Vjosa river and the Bënça valley.

For the next collection of outdoor clothing, the “Patagonia” group was inspired by the cultural diversity and variety of colors offered by the Vjosa valley. The collection will have as its theme the Vjosa with its colors and elements of the values of the entire valley, thus aiming to promote this rare river in Europe and to support its protection.

You can find the interview with Roland Tasho from BalkanWeb here (in Albanian).

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