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Balkan Rivers Tour

7sky - Save the blue heart of europeSeveral articles got published about the Balkan Rivers Tour guided by Rock Rozman in April and May 2016. The action is part of the campaign Save the Blue Heart of Europe, run by Riverwatch, Euronatur and EcoAlbania.

The Kayakers and protestors of the Balkan Rivers Tour paddled 23 rivers in 39 days in six Balkan countries to fight the construction of 2.700 planned dams in that area. With several local events and a final demonstration they wanted to raise the awareness of the local people as well as of the public worldwide about what will be lost, if the constructions of the hydroelectric facilities go as planned.

The campaign ended in Tirana with a demonstration in the city center. Where the participants wanted to give a petition in form of a signed kayak to Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania.

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