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NGOs for Biodiversity Conservation

The “NGOs for Biodiversity Conservation” project will address the preservation of the territorial and ecological integrity of the network of Protected Areas of Albania. The network starts from the 1960s, when the first protected areas were announced, consisting mainly of small forest areas. After the 2000s, this network was significantly expanded in order to fulfill the goal of creating oases of nature conservation and biodiversity of the country. Today, this network includes diverse ecosystems including mountainous ones covered with forests, grasslands and especially wetlands that include lagoons, lakes, rivers, coastal waters, coastal forests, coastal forests, sand dunes, soils with saline vegetation, shrubs, forests etc.

Coastal wetlands are threatened by the spread of unsustainable economic activities. Although the threats have been constant during these last 5 years, coastal wetlands have so far resisted massive pressures due to the legal protection that comes from the “Protected Area” status itself and the national legislation on Protected Areas. But even this little legal protection of the coastal wetlands is being jeopardized today by the government’s initiative to Review the Boundaries of the Protected Areas.

This process started in the middle of 2019 and initially proposed the reduction of an average of 20% of the surface of protected coastal areas, where Narta stood out, which was reduced by nearly 45% of the current surface, Velipoja by 27%, Divjakë-Karavastaja by 12%, etc.
Overall objective

Protection of the network of Protected Areas from reduction in area, loss and degradation of habitats and wild species of flora and fauna.

Specific Objective 1

Protection of Protected Areas from surface reduction;

Specific Objective 2

Protection of vital habitats in the interior or near Protected Areas endangered by unstable economic activity;

Specific Objective 3

Protection of the symbol species (flora and fauna) of the Protected Areas from loss and reduction;

Specific Objective 4

Influence of organizations in decision-making and responsible environmental policies that guarantee the protection of Protected Areas, habitats and species.

Project implementation period: May 2022- November 2023