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Conservation of the Albanian Waterfrog in Albania

The project comes as a follow-up action to assess the population status of the species properly and holistically in its entire areal in Albania and to upgrade the Species Action Plan (SAP) prepared in the previous phase.

During the first phase of the project, the species’ distribution, and a preliminary assessment of the state of the population was observed only in the bay of Vlora. Based on these data, a SAP has been drafted which can only be considered for the Vlora Bay area.

Meanwhile, at this stage, it is intended to make be assessed the species’ distribution on all its potential home-range in Albania, as well as a more in-depth assessment of the population. In parallel with the collection of data, the SAP will also be updated, which will include the entire areal in Albania. The methodology of the study and preparation of the SAP will be the same as in the first phase, but the difference in this phase is the enlargement of the study area, as well as a more in-depth analysis of the assessment of population status, pressures and threats and the comprehensive plan of mitigating measures that would help in the long-term preservation of the species in Albania. In addition, awareness raising, and public campaign will go hand in hand with advocacy and cooperation with the decision-makers.

In comparison to the first phase where the target institutions have been only the regional-local decision-makers, during this phase the project will aim to advocate and cooperate with the central decision-making institutions, such as National Agency of Protected Areas and Ministry of Tourism and Environment.