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ISCCA – Sustainable management of ecological corridors in the area of Polis-Valamare-Rungaje-Moravë-Gramoz.

This project addresses the importance of ecological continuity between areas of importance for biodiversity and the sustainable development of the territory as a necessity to ensure natural processes and conservation outside the areas that currently have protected area status. Through this project, we aim to increase the commitment of local actors towards a sustainable management of ecological corridors, as well as to inform and sensitize the community, or managers of the area about the importance of ecological corridors in the function of natural conservation.

This project includes

  • 5 protected areas: Shebenik National Park, Stravaj-Sopot Nature Park, Pogradeci Lake Protected Landscape, Guri i Nikës Protected Landscape and Mali i Tomorri Nature Park.
  • Partially the territory of 6 municipalities: Librazhd, Prrenjas, Pogradec, Gramsh, Maliq, Skrapar
  • Partially the territory of 3 counties: Elbasan, Korce and Berat

Why is the ecological corridor Polis-Valamare-Rungaje-Moravë-Gramoz important?

This mountain corridor is located in the south-western part of Albania, which is bordered to the south by Mount Gramoz near the border with Greece. This corridor is important for establishing sustainable mammal populations by connecting the Pindos Mountains in Greece with the country’s central mountain system. The Valamarë-Polis range is the second area in Albania where the reproduction of the Balkan lynx has been confirmed, where a lynx family with three individuals was photographed by trap cameras. In 2020, the presence and reproduction of three large carnivores (Balkan bear, wolf and lynx) was confirmed by cameras in the Polis-Gur i Zi-Valamara ecosystem area.

Despite its natural values, the functionality of this area as an ecological corridor is threatened by habitat fragmentation due to logging, fires, urbanization and inappropriate use and management of natural resources. The latter is often related to limited financial/technical/human capacities, planning and management structures not always effective, lack of available data and studies on natural values, weak implementation of the law in the field of nature conservation and environmental standards.

General objective

To preserve and improve the ecological connectivity of the corridor Polis – Valamare – Rungaje – Morave – Gramoz (CCA) through a sustainable and participatory governance approach.

Specific objective 1

Increasing stakeholder engagement towards a sustainable and participatory approach to CCA management

Specific objective 2

Raising awareness of civil society and interested parties about the importance of governance and management of ecological corridors.

Project duration: February 1, 2023 – January 31, 2026