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Solar in Kutë

The project “Solar in Kutë” aims to bring a source of clean and sustainable energy (solar energy) to the village of Kutë, focused on achieving the first experience (self-production / self-consumption) of solar energy, through the installation of photovoltaic solar PV panels on the roofs of the 5 largest state buildings.

Threatened in their livelihood by a possible dam on the Vjosa, in the last two years, the village of Kutë has become an emblematic village associated with the resistance against the construction of the hydropower dam in the village of Poçem.

The village of Kuta – wants to show that the destruction of Europe’s last wild river is not necessary. They can produce their own energy on the roofs of government buildings in the village, creating more income for the community.

There are other alternatives besides hydropower plants for Albania and under the motto ‘The sun is the future’, Eco Albania in cooperation with Patagonia, EuroNatur and Riverwatch wants to bring to the table of decision makers the project ‘Solar in Kutë’ as a pilot campaign, the first in the production of community-owned energy.

Using Solar Energy in a remote and depopulated rural area

General objective
Specific Objective 1

Raising awareness on community energy production alternatives

Specific Objective 2

Supporting further solar and sustainable energy projects

Specific Objective 3

Prohibition of the construction of the hydroelectric dam in the village of Poçem

Specific Objective 4

Saving the village of Kutë, from the economic suffering of the flooding of over 2,500 ha of agricultural land and the subsequent displacement of the local people.

This will be the first practice and model of “community energy or energy cooperatives” in Albania, which will create community-owned energy. EcoAlbania hopes that this pilot project will raise awareness of renewable energy solutions in rural communities and encourage further solar and sustainable energy projects with the mission of supporting the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign in the battle against the construction of the hydroelectric dam in Poçem.

Project duration: January 2020 – May 2020