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Watershed Environmental Education in Albania

In the last decades, various natural phenomena such as desertification, flooding, habitat destruction, species extinction, pollution, misuse of natural resources issues have become very concerning. Today environmental issues are a local and global challenge for many institutions. Thus, more efforts should be undertaken to increase environmental consciousness through education and awareness activities with children in schools.

In this regard, EcoAlbania has developed contemporary curricula over the years and it has successfully implemented the Environmental education activities with school children in particularly remote regions in Albania

The FiKiBio is one of the key instruments to conduct environmental education activities. It consists of a combined method of theoretical and practical terms. The theoretical part is compressed in a guidebook developed by EcoAlbania while the practical aspects are supported by a mobile laboratory with, well-equipped with the necessary instruments for the conduction of the experiments.

The overall objective

To enhance environmental awareness through education of youngsters in Albania.

Specific Objective 1

To conduct environmental education program in a systemic way by covering all the 12 districts of the country (36 schools)

Specific Objective 2

To conduct trainings with primary-secondary school teachers on implementing FiKiBio modules and environmental education (12 trainings)

Expected results from this project would be:


Children will be more aware of the environmental issues and good practices for nature protection.


Initiatives of environmental clean-up and reforestation will be practiced by primary-secondary school children.


New generation will gain additional knowledge on nature protection, that will impact their attitude towards environment in the future;


Albanian school teachers will be more aware about environmental issues and how to use interactive teaching practices in environmental education.

Planned project execution period: 1 February 2023 – 31 June 2024

Financed by: US Forest Services International Programs