Wild trout, Valbona’s pride

The Albanian Alps and their generous inhabitants welcomed us this summer in Valbona. EcoAlbania’s team joined Balkans Peace Parks Project (B3P) to develop educational activities with children of Valbona Valley. We went in Valbona especially to continue our initiative to protect wild trout as one of the most important fish in the valley, but not only. Awareness raising on the importance of preserving the wild trout is a basic element for the future of its population. EcoAlbania and Continental Trout Conservation Fund (CTCF) are working on the introduction of appropriate fishing practices in this area.


During the outdoor activities with the kids in Valbona © J. Sula

The awareness raising for a more responsible society must start with educating future generations, those to whom we will trust the future of our planet. Therefore, we chose to join in B3P programme to contribute a little bit in educating children in Valbona valley. On July 27th -29th, 2015, we organized a series of indoor and outdoor activities. Inside the class were held presentations on trout ecology and the importance of preserving it as the important part of the valley’s pride. Children divided into three groups depending on their age, took part in the outdoor activities through which we aimed to stimulate their imagination and critical thinking by listening to the sounds of nature, touching and memorizing the nature objects, creating poems for wild life … etc. “Nature is precious as homeland, is clean and beautiful,” said one of the children in her essay. Many of them expressed their commitment to contribute on protecting their surrounding beautiful nature that makes them feel proud about.

Further awareness raising, development of management plans, or implementation of good practices such as: fly-fishing for sport through “Catch & Release” are in fact the successful practices used in a sustainable way and serving as one of the main tools to improve the economic situation of the local community. These are more convenient ways to create a favorable relationship between man and nature.

From Besjana Guri/ EcoAlbania