Act Now to Save Vjosa

1. Watch the video

Watch the video “Vjosa National Park Now” and share it with friends on social media using #VjosaParkKombetarTani or #VjosaNationalParkNow.

2. Seek the support of candidates.

Vjosa National Park Now action in Tiranë (c) Adrian Guri

How can you do this?

  1. Comment on their posts on social networks: 94% of Albanians are in favor of creating the Vjosa National Park. What is your position on this? #VjosaParkKombetarTani #VjosaNationalParkNow
  2. Make a status on Facebook and tag a candidate, to attract his/her attention and publicly ask for support for Vjosa.

Plans for 45 hydropower plants and an airport endanger the Vjosa River!

In the entire Vjosa river system, are planned 45 hydropower plants , 8 on the Vjosa River itself and 37 on its tributaries.
The main threat is the two large dams in the middle of the river: the Kalivaç and Poçem hydropower dams – planned for the last 24 years.

The lower reaches of the Vjosa are also in danger. Near the mouth of the Adriatic Sea, the Albanian government has planned to build an international airport near Narta Lagoon. The plan for the airport is accompanied by plans for resorts and supporting infrastructure for the reception of tourists.

The surface that will be used for this plan is foreseen to be separated from the “Vjosa-Narta Protected Area”.

The Vjosa River can be protected by declaring it a “National Park”. Three tributaries, the Langarica, the Shtika and the Çarshova River, have already been affected by the dams and may not be part of the future Park, but there is still time to save the Vjosa.

94% of Albanians are “pro” for the creation of the Vjosa National Park

To declare the entire ecosystem, including the watershed, tributaries, active bed and wildlife that the Vjosa River harbors, is required the proclamation of “River National Park” .

Only this definition would permanently prevent hydropower projects and other developments within the protected area and would make a significant contribution to the European Union’s “Green Agreement” and “Biodiversity Strategy”.

With the general elections on April 25, 2021, Albanian and international conservation groups are calling on political leaders and citizens to preserve the future of the Vjosa and declare it a “National Park” making this issue a top priority for any party.

The “National Park” would benefit not only wildlife, but also the people of the Vjosa Valley as the park would offer potential for sustainable socio-economic development.

In the future, thousands of tourists from all over Europe will be able to come to visit this river, which is the last wild river on the continent. A recent public opinion poll has shown that 94% of Albanians are “in favor” of creating the “Vjosa River National Park”.

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