Transboundary Summer School: Youngsters from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro unite for development of Alps region

7 – 11 September 2020. 45 young people from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro have been part of the summer school “Youth Collaboration for Cross-Border Dinaric Alps”. EcoAlbania in cooperation with partners ERA in Kosovo and Green Home in Montenegro organized this summer school in the Transboundary Dinaric Alps region. For a period of 4-days, 45 youngsters from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro have been trained on tourism, environment and socio-economy of this region. The summer school took place in three different points of the Alps region, in Lëpushë, Albania, in Bogë, Kosovo and Plav, Montenegro. Youngsters have been selected through an open call published on all of on-line platforms.

The summer school “Youth Coollaboration for Transboundary Dinaric Alps” aimed to create bridges of cooperation between the youngsters of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro and raise awareness on the protection and promotion of the cross-border area of ​​Bjeshkët e Namuna / Prokletije/ Albanian Alps. Youngsters have been encouraged to see the Dinaric Alps not as a separation geographical phenomenon but as a meeting point that encourages them to cooperate.

During the summer school, a series of activities took place such as training by experts in the fields of tourism, environment, socio-economy, as well as hiking, brain-storming, games, etc. During the training days, youngsters carried out cleaning actions in the Alpine area. In the first days of the training the area was presented to the youngsters with, its characteristics and the various problems encountered there, and it was possible to hike so they could know the Alpine region more closely. There was presented a call for project ideas to young participants. At the end of the training, the youngsters which have been divided into groups developed a project-idea for the sustainable development of the transboundary area and suggested alternatives on the possibilities of cooperation, emphasizing the youth cooperation between the 3 countries.

General Information: The summer school took place simultaneously in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro due to the COVID-19 pandemic with youngsters from each country. The connection between the young people was realized through the online platform Zoom and WhatsApp.