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Together – An Eye for the Environment

Albania is a small country but very dynamic regarding the energetic balance from production to consuming of the energy, becoming from an exporting country before 90’, to importing country during the last two decades. The economy has increased so did the standards of living. These are the factors that seek for increased energy demands.  However in more than 25 years investments in the direction of energy production, diversifying the sources of its production or efficient energy use have been very low.

Our country covers an average of 70% of internal energy consumption, although over 75% of energy is provided by the large HPPs of the Drin cascade. This means that other 30% is imported by the neighbouring countries often at a high cost that burdens the customer directly or indirectly through the state budget. Although hydropower has a considerable environmental cost which in terms of Albania becomes even greater when environmental standards are not respected during the construction or operation phase of the HPPs.

Tirana as the Albanian capital has faced dramatic socio-economic and demographic changes by multiplying its population in just two decades. The construction of the houses to accommodate this growing population is not based on respecting the energy efficiency standards.

The purpose of this program is to know the energy situation (the cost and energy use) specifically in Tirana. On the other hand we intend to somehow influence the efficient use of energy through concrete program activities. Promoting the best practices of energy efficiency in Tirana is one of the objectives of the project which is planned to be reached through training and awareness raising activities based on concrete actions and initiatives on how to reach out to energy efficiency, especially in houses.

The general objective:

Promote the implementation of policies and the best practices for the diversification of energy resource and energy efficiency in Albania.

Specific objectives 

  • Assessing the energy  efficiency, use and cost of energy the situation in Tirana.
  • Promoting the best practices of the energy efficiency  in Tirana.
  • Promoting the local policies for the efficiency and diversification of the resources in Tirana.

This project is implemented by EcoAlbania as part of the “An Eye for the Environment” Network, under the SENIOR-II program, financially supported by REC Albania.

SENIOR-II program is implemented by REC Albania and funded by the Swedish Embassy.