Press Release

The residents of the Vjosa valley ask for public hearings


Press release by EcoAlbania

06-07.10.2016, Çorrush, Kutë, Mallakastër. Due to the missing of the public consultation about the construction of Poçem HPP and the negligence of the authorities to consider the demands of the residents, the local people from the affected villages ask to the government the realization of a new public hearing in the area.

According to the official information that EcoAlbania has, turns out that the public hearing has been held on February 28th 2015 in Fier city. “This procedure violatates the law of public hearings, which according to it the public hearings for HPP projects must be held with the community that is directly affected by the dam construction and closer to the affected area. We are here today in Kutë and none of the local people has ever heard about this hearing” said Olsi Nika, CEO of EcoAlbania.

During the meeting with local people in Kutë. Photo: B.Guri

During the meeting with local people in Kutë. Photo: B.Guri

The construction of this 50m dam, creating a reservoir of 24 km2 would flood villages like Kutë, Çorrush, Anëbreg, Shkozë, Sevaster and cause many social and environmental problems by flooding thousands of hectares of farmland, pastures and olive groves.The company or the responsible institutions did not inform them about the project in advance and therefore they were not part of the decision-making process.

Therefore EcoAlbania is undertaking a tour of awareness raising meetings with the affected community by the construction of Poçem HPP.  Present in these meetings, the Mayor of Mallakastra, Mr. Agron Kapllanaj once again expressed his support towards the community. “I am here to support you and your interests and to guarantee that you are not alone. We will make all our institutional efforts so your voice will be heard by the decision-making bodies” he said.

Vjosa is an issue of international importance and an unique river in Europe. Therefore undertaking these steps requires the involvement of all the interested actors and in accordance with the best European standards of democracy.

LëvizAlbania is supporting EcoAlbania in the implementation of “AKTIV’’ project. Its purpose is to increase the active public participation in decision-making for the sustainable use of natural resources.