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The fight to save ‘the last wild river of Europe’

The Article “The fight to save ‘the last wild river of Europe’” which is published in by Finlay Greig is about the impact of planned hydropower plants on the environment in Albania. The Vjosa, a 270 kilometers long river flows from its source in the Greek Pindus Mountains to its wide mouth into the Adriatic Sea. The river is uninterrupted, allowing it to serve the wildlife which depends on it. It is the only uninterrupted river of its kind in Europe, the continent’s last wild river. But the river is at risk because the Albanian government has approved the construction of eight dams along its course. This would course a lot of damage for the species, which are living in the river and locals, who would be displaced. Environmentalist plan to establish the first wild river national park to protect the river and encourage adventurous travelers to visit ‘the last wild river of Europe’.

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the fight to save the last wild river of europe