The Balkan Rivers Tour, just one month ahead!

Osumi Canyons_© Albanian Rafting Federation

Osumi Canyons: © Albanian Rafting Federation

Under the slogan of “Save the Balkan Rivers – Stop the Dam Tsunami!” the Balkan Rivers Tour aims to raise awareness about the beauty of the Balkan Rivers and the threats they are facing. Led by former Slovenian Olympic athlete Rok Rozman and founder of Leeway Collective, kayakers from all over Europe will paddle 16 rivers in 6 Balkan countries, starting with the Sava in Slovenia on April 16th and ending at the Vjosa in Albania on May 20th.

The tour features lots of exciting events (please check only the “Balkan Rivers Tour Events on the interactive map right and uncheck any other layer) on many threatened rivers along the route. The grand finale of the tour will take place on the Vjosa in Albania – Europe´s last big Wild River (outside Russia). This involves a scenic protest activity on the Vjosa (Flotilla event) and the handing over of a “special petition” to the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Tirana on May 20th, 2016.

EcoAlbania as part of “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” Campaign is the main supporter of the Albanian part of this activity.

The Balkan Rivers Tour is a 35 days opportunity to get to know the Balkans from a very different perspective.  Join the tour and help saving this incredible European heritage!