The Vjosa story

“One for the River – The Vjosa Story” documentary

Wilderness, free flowing river, species diversity, simple and loving people, exploring of the river valley, sleeping under the stars, whitewater kayaking, and clear message why we have to fight for the rivers…

“The Vjosa Story” brings the history of Vjosa River viewed from a different point of view, aiming to raise the awareness and at the same time it is an appeal to our society and decision-makers to protect the last wild river in Europe.

This documentary is realized in the frame of “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” Campaign in collaboration with Leeway Collective.

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The Vjosa Story

Vjosa StoryRok Rozman of the Leeway Collective embarked on his journey to protect Balkan rivers from destruction through hydro power plants.

In the post on the blog he tells the story of how he started his campaign which resulted finally in the Balkan Rivers Tour 2016. He went on a trip to Vjosa, to study the ecosystem and take pictures to show the world the beauty of a free flowing river. Fighting for Rivers in the Balkan Peninsula, Europe

Read the full post and watch the video “The Vjosa Story” here. Vjosa published an interview with Rok Rozman about his journey and his plans to save the Balkan rivers. You can listen to the interview here.

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