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Reporterre: In the Balkans, a “tsunami of dams” sweeps through ecosystems


The french media Reporterre – le quotidien de l’écologie reported about the dam tsunami on the Balkan rivers focusing mostly on the Vjosa river and Valbona National Park in Albania. An overall picture of the situation on the hydropower issue is presented at the article by Luis Seiller.

Find the article in french here 

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INtv Albania: In the protection of the rivers. The civil society opposes the construction of HPPs

‘The civil society has sent the first environmental cause in the court in Albania to protect the rivers from hydro-power developments”, said Besjana Guri from EcoAlbania. It refers to the legal battle initiated by EcoAlbania, RiverWatch, Euronatur and 38 residents of Kutë village against the Poçem HPP.

The request of the organizations was supported by 228 scientists from all over the world, asking the Albanian Government to declare a 3 year moratorium of HPPs in Vjosa.

You can see the original  chronicle in INtv Albania

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Le Courrier des Balkans: reportage about the Vjosa

Le courrier des balkans

“Le Courrier des Balkans”- the francophone portal of the Balkans, published a reportage about the Vjosa, the environmentalists and the local community’s efforts to save this natural treasure.

“The Vjosa is the last wild river in Europe. Rather than protecting this exceptional natural treasure, the Albanian authorities prefer to exploit its rich hydro potential”, opens the reportage the journalist Louis Seiller which interviewed EcoAlbania lately.

The reportage speaks about the impacts of the Poçem HPP to the local people and the intact nature of the Vjosa river.

The full reportage in French you can find it here and the original post at “Le Courrier des Balkans“ please find it here.

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The Vjosa in Albania at crossroad- Dam tsunami or National Park

Media coverage of Vjosa Tour Event in Selenica, March 13th: ORF

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