Balkan Rivers Tour

Join the Balkan Rivers Tour 3 through your art

We invite artists from different art fields to join our BRD with transformation of »human depletions«, wood, stones, branches etc. to arts. We would like to give artists a chance to show their visions, to introduce their work to public and to contribute their effort to defend Balkan Rivers wilderness.

BRD-ART eng (00000003)Your art is free (voluntery) gift for final exhibiton.
Earnings from sale (silent auction) go to BRD.

Theme: River lives, dam kills!

Arts from »human« depletions etc. what does not belong to the river (wires, plastic, metals … inetersting garbage, transformed by river) combined with natural materials (stones, bark, branches, sticks …), colors, painted, modeled … by artists wish and imagination. Paintings, graphics, statues, sculptures, instalations …

Artists of all art fields: painters, graphic designers, sculptors, architects … All who wish to create and to challenge themselves. All who want to contribute to defend wilderness of rivers and show work to public.

How to get depletions?
Artist should get the material from river banks and shores on her/his own (finding interestin garbage also contribute to clean nature ). If there’s no possibility to get material BRD can help.
Other materials?
Other materials (colors, brushes, glue, sprays etc…): his/her own materials that artist work with.

You can start with work before BRT3 begins. Arts will be shown on final exhibition in Ljubljana, Kino Šiška, 6th October 2018.

During BRT3 we will create a group of artist (you can join wherever, whenever … come-art-go) and we will try to create group art together.

How to deliver the arts?
Via Mail. You can deliver it to BRT3 and catch us on our way.
If, via Mail: send it till Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 to:
Zavod Leeway Collective
Zgornja Lipnica 24a
4246 Kamna Gorica
Slovenia – Europe

Contact: Anja Lampret, [email protected], FB, Insta
Theme: River lives, dam kills
– Name and Surname.
– Heading.
– Date.
– Origins of depletions.
– Country.
Size: not more than 1,8m x 1,5m.
Ana Surname
Wild River, 11. 10. 2018
Material: wire from Soča River, stones from Koritnica river, metal from Vjosa River etc.

If you would like to sell your arts during final event, you can. But you have to have legal rights to sell your products. Apply: till 1st October 2018.

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Kajak protest for the protection of the Vjosa

++No dams in Vjosa, save the last wild river in Europe protesters appeal++

Press release by EcoAlbania and BRD

Tirana September 10th, 2018. Standing behind a symbolic dam built of kayaks, the activists of the Balkan Rivers Tour together with local NGO-s and Albanian citizens protested against the decision of the Albanian Government to build the Kalivaç HPP on the Vjosa river. They asked to the Prime Minister Rama to declare the Last Wild River National Park of Vjosa. Then they marched toward the dam, destroying it.

Protesters behind the kajak dam. Photo: KatjaPokorn/ Balkan River Defence

Protesters behind the kayak dam. Photo: KatjaPokorn/ Balkan River Defence

Protesters destroying the symbolic dam. Photo: KatjaPokorn/ Balkan River Defence

Protesters destroying the symbolic dam. Photo: Katja Pokorn/ Balkan River Defence

The Albanian Government signed on October 2018 the concessionary contract for the construction of the Kalivaç HPP, giving the right to build the HPP to the coalition of 2 companies ‘Ayen Enerji’ and ‘Fusha shpk’. “We are determined to strongly oppose this project for the benefit of nature and communities living along the river”, said Olsi Nika from EcoAlbania. The Kalivaç HPP is one of the 38 projects on the Vjosa valley.  “Other concessions continue to be issued rapidly in the branches of the Vjosa, like in Shushica and Bënçë, where residents have not been part of public consultations”, he added.

The resistance for the protection of the Blue Heart of Europe is supported by the activists of the Balkan Rivers Tour which are returned to Vjosa for the third time. The third tour started where the first one ended, in the Vjosa valley. “We will be travelling across the Balkans for 31 days to show respect and support to local people and organizations bravely standing up for rivers. These rivers are true pearls and its great to see how people from around the world are joining forces and leaving the borders between nations behind for a common goal of protecting last pieces of European wilderness” said Rok Rozman, the biologist and Olympic Champion from Sllovenia.

Balkan Rivers Tour (BRT) started as a crazy idea and turned into the biggest direct river conservation action in Europe. When ex-Olympian, kayaker and biologist Rok Rozman started the tour in 2016 his intention was simple; have fun kayaking rivers of the Balkans and expose the destruction that hydropower dams are causing there. After extensive international media coverage and protests throughout the region during the first tour in 2016, BRT turned into an annual paddling and protesting tour where anyone is welcome to join in, traveling and paddling the Balkans, revealing the stunning wild rivers and untouched wilderness of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. Using whitewater kayaks as a means to spotlight the unknown rivers that are being destroyed by large and small scale dams, BRT generates attention from decisions makers, then passes the megaphone to the locals to demand their rivers stay wild, protected and free.

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Patagonia’s Blue Heart Film Hopes To Protect The Last Wild Rivers Of Europe

The Article “Patagonia’s Blue Heart Film Hopes To Protect The Last Wild Rivers Of Europe” by boardsportsource is about Patagonia’s latest documentary film Blue Heart which is about Europe’s last wild rivers and how they might get destroyed by hydropower plants. The documentary film  is being screened around the world as a centerpiece of the ongoing Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign and is about to bring international awareness to this topic. The Balkan Peninsula between Slovenia and Albania is home to the last wild rivers in Europe where more than 3,000 proposed hydropower projects threaten to destroy the culture and ecology of this region. Local activists living along the shores of these rivers and European NGOs such as RiverWatch and EuroNatur are fighting against government corruption and foreign investment. Blue Heart documents the battle to protect Albania’s Vjosa River, the largest undammed river in Europe.

To read the full Article click here.

Patagoias Blue Heart Hopes to protect the last wild rivers of europe

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Balkan Rivers Tour 2 – March 30th to May 1st 2017

16996173_372673709782164_2805457202665069723_nAcross the Balkan, Europe’s last wild and free flowing rivers shape the so called “Blue Heart of Europe”. This large system of rivers is a unique hotspot for biodiversity, as more of 60% of them are in a good hydro-morphological condition. In collaboration with local partner NGOs, like EcoAlbania, the NGOs Riverwatch (Austria) and EuroNatur (Germany) launched the campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe”, to protect this one-of-a-kind ecosystem from the construction of almost 2.700 new hydro power plants. As a high percentage of these projects are planned in protected areas, their realization poses a fatal threat to many endangered species.

To promote this natural gem and to raise the awareness about the international financial pressure that is applied on the governments of the Balkan countries, Rock Rozman, biologist and pro athlete, took his kayak, some friends and a bunch of supporters to realize a kayak trip across the Balkans. During April and May 2016, they paddled 23 rivers in 39 days in six Balkan countries and created a huge media response. As a result several projects could be halted, others were carried on.

To keep the awareness on this topic high and to promote it further, the crew of the Balkan Rivers Tour decided a relaunch. This year the group focuses on Soča in Slovenia and Morača in Montenegro. The Soča is already used for hydro power on the lower stretches. Whereas in the mountains the emerald whitewater of the river attracts thousands of kayakers and tourists every year, the lower parts show a completely different picture, with more than five bigger hydro facilities blocking the natural flow of the water. Three new projects are planned here on the upper stretches. The Morača River in Montenegro is still an intact, untouched and wild mountain river today. 11 projects in the river itself, and almost as many as that on its tributaries, threaten this treasure.

The tour started end of March with a four day source-to-sea trip from the source of Soča in the Julian Alps to the Italian coast. The goal was to show the contrast between the natural upper part and the tamed and dammed lower part. On April 6th the crew headed to the Dinaric Alps to explore the rivers and canyons in this remote area, to show opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, like kayakers, skiers and fly fishers. Besides the touristic opportunities, on their 17-day expedition they want to reveal what would be lost, if the plans for the many projects were realized. The tour starts in the Greek part of the Dinaric Alps, continues in Albania on the Vjosa river around mid April and ends in Montenegro on 19. April. Continuing the campaign in Montenegro, they will focus on the Morača and follow her from 24. April on, along the course into Skadar Lake, to carry on Bojana river until the Beach of Ada Bojana on May 1st.

Kayakers and activists are welcome to join the crew during the trip on Morača River or on Ada Bojana Beach to celebrate the end of the Balkan Rivers Tour 2.

30.3. – 2.2. Soča Sea-to-Source; 6.4. – 22.4. Dinaric Alps Expedition; 24.4. – 30.4. Morača Sea-to-Source;

1.5. Celebrations on Beach Ada Bojana

Find here the full agenda.

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