Species Action Plan – Albanian Water Frog

Albanian water frog

Pelophylax shqipericus – Endemic species in the Balkans

Measures for protection of the Albanian water frog in the Vlora Bay

The Albanian Water Frog (Pelophylax shqipericus) is an endemic species of the Balkans, with a natural spread in Albania and Montenegro, starting in the north from Shkodra Lake, continuing along the coastline to the area of Vlora (Orikum) in the south. 

The lack of a conversation and management plan prompted our ignition to take a step towards studying and drafting a management draft for the albanian frog (Pelophylax Shqipericus). The study was conducted in the Vlora bay area which is considered a key area for biodiversity.

There is an international concern about its status due to the lack of a specific document (action plan , management or regulatory document) for the preservation of the Albanian frog (Pelophylax Shqipericus). It is classified as an endangered species according to IUCN criteria since 2004 and also protected by the Bern Convention.