Information on personal data treatment of our website visitors
EcoAlbania’s official website is: Through the website EcoAlbania
transmits and collects information. The purpose of transmitting and collecting information
through the website is to be closer to the public by sharing various information. Through the
website EcoAlbania comes to the attention of the interested people about the environmental
situation and problems in the country and the region, and presents its initiatives for
environmental protection.

EcoAlbania publishes on its website various information regarding natural ecosystems,
environmental education, environmental legislation, awareness-raising information, etc.
The server of collects standard information pertaining to the clicks of
articles or menus on this site. This information is collected for statistical purposes and study (to
show the visitor access, to see which are the most sensitive issues and consequently to the public
interest, always without making them identifiable) as well as for reasons of communication: in
the case of periodical bulletins.

We collect this information in such a way that we do not identify any visitor. We make no effort
to find the identity of visitors who have visited our website.
EcoAlbania does not use (and does not allow any third parties) analytical statistical tools to track
or collect personal information that makes the visitors of our official site identifiable. We do not
link any data collected from this site with any personal information that makes the visitor
identifiable by any source to come as part of our use.

If we want to collect identifiable information through our website, we will make it clear to you
when we collect personal information and explain what we intend to do with it.